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PAWS-itive Behavior

What is PAWS?
PAWS is a positive behavior program that focuses on teaching, recognizing and rewarding students through instruction, whole school assemblies, and positive reinforcement.

What does PAWS stand for?
Practice Safety, Act Responsibly, Work for Success, Show Respect

What is an individual PAWS ticket?
Students can earn individual PAW tickets by exhibiting PAWS-itive behavior in the hallway, classroom, cafeteria, bus, bathroom and playground. All Fremont staff including lunchroom supervisors and bus drivers can award students a ticket. These are collected and placed in a special PAWS bucket. They are randomly pulled for different prizes throughout the school year.

What is a class PAWS award?
When a class is showing PAWS-itive behavior in a common area they can earn a class award. As classes earn the awards, they are recognized on the morning announcements. Teachers keep track of the total number of PAWS awards earned. Ask your child how many PAWS awards his/her class has earned!

What are the incentives?
Incentives are earned by both individuals or by an entire class. Examples of the awards consist of certificates, recognition through morning announcements and assemblies, fun school supplies, and fun activities with an administrator.